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Concrete is one of the best options for achieving the look of stone or pavers, at a reasonable cost.

At New Millennials, we offer you many options, so you can have a beautiful and pleasant exterior view of your home. Thanks to our experience, professionalism, incredible designs, quality in the products we use, and good finishes, we can guarantee high-quality work.


The driveway is the first view of your house. To make a good impression, it must be clean, pleasant, and in good repair. The durability and low maintenance costs of concrete give it a great final value.

Stamped Concrete

Is a nice decorative flooring option for an outdoor area of your home. A pattern can be combined with color to give it the look of natural stone or wood, but at a cost that fits your budget. We can show you incredible ideas for your design.


Concrete is the most popular and affordable patio material in the country. With many designs and decorative finishes, concrete patios are a spectacular option to create that pleasant, beautiful, long-lasting environment, and at a low maintenance cost that you are looking for in that recreation area of your house.


The key factor in the durability of sidewalks is the quality of the materials and proper construction. At New Millennials, we have the experience and apply the appropriate construction techniques, which guarantee the long life and perfect condition of your sidewalk.


The concrete slab is one of the most delicate works in construction, since it must guarantee the correct measurements and inclination. In this sense and with all responsibility, New Millennials has a highly trained and experienced team to guarantee a perfect base job in construction.


Hardscaping includes your driveway, walkways, walls, and much more; you can think of it as the art of construction.

As you design your deck or patio, you can add serious curb appeal to your outdoor space with many new hard surface ideas that can help you create the space you've always dreamed of.


Concrete pavers, often referred to as pavers, are a popular choice for outdoor flooring. Like tile, pavers are manufactured in specific shapes, sizes and colors and arrive on site ready to be installed. We offer you our ideas and knowledge to provide you with the option you are looking for and that best suits your budget.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls provide lateral support to vertical slopes in the soil. Retaining walls can be built with a variety of construction techniques and with different materials, such as steel, wood or reinforced soil. We offer poured concrete walls that are built from the bottom up, in which the fill is placed between the wall and the slope after the wall is built.

Fire Pits

Fire effects in our gardens, and the allure of sitting around a ring of fire, is one of today’s favorite and most requested designs when deciding to redesign outdoor spaces. New Millennials, offers you incredible designs to add that warm touch to your garden.

Sitting Walls

Seating walls can be installed for many different purposes and in many different styles. They make a great edging for patios and provide additional seating for special events.

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